About me

Firstly I would like to say Welcome!! And Thanks for perusing my website. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask me here

I live to create artworks. My earliest memory was watching my artist father paint and I remember thinking this is what I want to do for the rest of my life and I have never wavered.

One of my genres in art is to focus on exploring the figurative and whimsical. I try to capture the emotions       of love, magic, colour and beauty using a rich colour palette that has a quirky elegance.

I like to believe I can tap into a never-ending source of creativity and inspiration comes from my love of life:

The fragility and honesty of the human condition, the powerful energy of nature, the seasons, the weather and my absolute love for animals.

I combine all these elements and create magical and surreal paintings that reflect all emotions but I always try to allude to the emotion of positivity and hope.


My experimentation with emotion, colour, shape and form has given me the ability to produce artworks that capture the qualities of wonder and spontaneity of life that I hope resonates with the viewer. I have always considered that my artistic ability is a great gift
bestowed onto me from the central source of the universe. If I can bring joy, love and hope to others then I consider my job done.


I graduated from the Wellington Polytechnic Design school in 1976 with a diploma and freelanced in illustration whilst raising a family.
In 1992 I became a professional working artist. I have exhibited widely and been commissioned to illustrate many children books.

My artworks reside in private collections all over the world.


I live in New Zealand close to the sea and bush. I have been married for 32 years to James Hayward and have two grown up sons, Sam and Lukas and a faithful, ever-loving canine daughter named Ruby LuLu. I feel very blessed.